About Us


Double Eagle Brass is a small dynamic company specializing in firearms and reloading equipment.

Mark H. Smith, President

Mark is a life-long gun enthusiast. His father, Harold H. Smith was a gunsmith, collector and hunter who built custom hunting and target rifles in southern California from the 1940s to the 1980s.
Mark grew up in southern California, married and raised a family. He was a general contractor who specialized in residential remodeling. Mark decided it was time for a change in careers, and in March of 2013, Double Eagle Brass was born.

Double Eagle Brass builds custom and made-to-order AR rifles and pistols.
Double Eagle Brass also sells new firearms, machine guns, SBRs and suppressors.
We are a dealer for Davidson’s Gallery of Guns/Gun Genie and The RSR Group

If you find a gun you like at Davidson’s Gun Genie, ask us for a price!

We also sell reloading supplies and firearm parts and accessories, as well as tumbling and polishing equipment and supplies.

Mission Statement

Our goal at Double Eagle Brass is to provide the highest quality reloading brass available. To reach that goal, we have invested in the best equipment, we buy the best raw materials and products, and take great care in producing high quality brass.

Our Custom Rifles

We’re an FFL, and build custom ARs that provide maximum performance at reasonable prices. Our hands-on experience with .223/5.56, 300 Blackout, 458 SOCOM and .308/7.62 ARs plus our dedication to excellence means you’ll get a great rifle and great service.

We build rifles that exceed expectations.



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